Fitness Equipment Review: ProFit Elliptical

ProFit EllipticalCreated by Icon Health and Fitness, the Profit Elliptical trainer is one of the most powerful brands on the market. The company that produced this machine is an incredibly strong contender in the fitness equipment market. Profit ellipticals are an excellent choice for hikers preparing to head into the Slovak Paradise mountain range, as being in good shape will help immensely in your tough mountain treks. Here’s a review of the Profit Elliptical Trainer and its particular benefits.

Affordable Price

The Profit series of ellipticals are generally in the range of $499-$999, so they are affordable for the average consumers. You can even find greater discounts online, so this one unit you can purchase at a reasonable deal. The only thing to keep in mind is the shorter warranty, which is around 90 days for problems with the unit. However it is definitely one of the more reasonably-priced models available.

Benefits of Profit Ellipticals

ProFit EllipticalThe Profit series provides strenuous aerobic and cardio workouts, something that every avid hiker needs to be in good condition for heading into the mountains. Reviewers say they have experienced excellent full body workouts and an overall improvement in posture and toning throughout the body after using this equipment.

Powerful Reflex Step Technology

Most Profit ellipticals have Reflex Step Technology, which includes curved pedals that flex as you step or put pressure on them. It also has a silent magnetic resistance that uses certain magnetic pulleys within the device for resistance creation. Thus, you’ll have a completely silent, quiet workout as you use this elliptical. You can also use the grip sensors to detect pulse and monitor your heart rate as you use the machine, and the unique, adjustable pedals let you change the way you use it. The unit comes with pre programmed workout including hills, intervals, and cardio training programs, and with a pre-installed CD player and speakers, you can have music or even TV right there on the device.

A Vigorous Workout for Mountain Hikers

Hikers using this model have found that it also increased stamina, flexibility, and endurance on hikes. This means that if you spend a few weeks working out on the elliptical before you head into the mountains, you will be more prepared to go through arduous hikes for several days on end. In the Slovak Paradise, which includes a number of difficult rails, you’ll want to be in great shape so you can handle the most difficult regions.
This is an excellent model for hikers and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The unit will last for a very long time and endure enormous stress. With its built in surround sound and expandable cupholders, you can use it to place your water and listen to music at the same time. The console is quite simple, but that’s great for those who are less experienced at using fitness equipment, because it is extremely reliable and easy to operate.

Use the Profit Elliptical to Prepare for Hiking Sessions

To improve your athletic ability in preparation for heading into the mountains for camping, hiking, or any other type of fitness activity, be sure to investigate the Profit Elliptical Trainer. At an affordable price and with stellar reviews behind it, this is one piece of equipment that will give you a great workout and leave you feeling strong and healthy.