Hike and Trek in Iceland

Iceland is largely known as the paradise for hiking and trekking. With its stunning, adventurous, and unspoiled nature, the country attracts many visitors who are in search for a hiking and trekking experience. The landscape of the country features colorful mountains, sandy grounds, glaciers, lakes and extensive shores, hot springs and enormous waterfalls, and also lava fields is largely popular among people interested in hiking and trekking.,

Iceland for Hiking and Trekking

There are numerous hiking and trekking trails in different parts of Iceland. Mostly, visitors consider places such as Reykjavik and Laugavegur among other favorable places. The following is a couple of places favorable for hiking and trekking in Iceland:

1) The Laugavegur Trek

Hike and Trek in Iceland

This is a trek trail which is about 55 km long. Visitors spend over 4 days to trek along it. The main starting and ending points used to trek through the trail are the following: Þórsmörk and Landmannalaugar. Also, throughout the trek, there are different cabins and camping points where visitors can spend nights or ret moments while enjoying their trekking experience. The trail has lots of water grounds which contain fresh and clean Icelandic spring water. Therefore, you do not require to carry water with you since you can get it at any time that you need it.

2) Fimmvöruháls Hiking Trail

Hike and Trek in Iceland

With over 23 km hiking trail, this area can take over 12 hours of your time while hiking over mountains and ridges. Thus, this trail offers you a demanding and an adventurous hiking experience. The area has a warm ground which is interesting to walk on and to spend time in without necessarily requiring warm clothing. At the same time, the colorful mountains producing white smoke all through are interesting to watch while hiking.

3) Hornstrandir

Hike and Trek in Iceland

This is an area in Westfjords which can only be accessed by a boat. It has long trekking and hiking trails which has mountains and ridges. Many visitors attend the place especially due to camping and fishing experiences on top of the hiking and trekking adventures.

4) Mvatn Lake

Hike and Trek in Iceland

The lake is near a national park. It has a rich and adventurous shore which is used for hiking and camping exercises by the visitors. At the dawn or dusk hours, the shores of Mvatn Lake provide perfect place to watch the Iceland Northern Lights. Also, it is a good place for fishing activities with the lake having many types of fish. Also, Mvatn Lake is the right place for the visitors who wish to enjoy watching different animal and plant species in Iceland. By neighboring a national park, visitors easily visit the park on foot while still enjoying their hiking and trekking experience which their initial aim.


The land of Iceland has hardly been the victim of human exploitative activities such as mining, settlement and infrastructure construction, and farming. As a result, it has remained natural and increasingly beautiful for tourist activities. With different natural activities such as flooding, eruption, springs water flow, and vegetation growth, different parts of Iceland have developed to be the most attractive areas for hiking and trekking in the whole world.