Welcome to Slovak Paradise ‘A Beauty’

Welcome to Slovak Paradise 'A Beauty'Welcome to Slovak Paradise! A mountain range in east Slovakia, Slovak Paradise offers numerous outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and more. It is part of the Spis-Gemer Karst, which belongs to the Slovensk Rudohorie Mountains — a major part of the western Carpathians. Slovak Paradise is home to many lovely and beautiful forests, huge and vast meadows, chasm, gorges, and underground caves.

A Vast Paradise for Hikers

Of course, the area also includes a number of breathtaking waterfalls and is a very popular northeastern region for hikers and lovers of the outdoors. With over 300 km of trails through the vast paradise, you can walk, hike, and explore the mountain range however you would like. You’ll feel like you’re on a real adventure crossing the ravines over creepers and chains.

Major Features of Slovak Paradise

Some of the major features of this area include the Prielom Hornadu, the Klastorisko with the Ruins of the Carthusian Monastery, Sokolia Dolina, and Maly Sokol. You can take long or short walks to suit your purposes, and you’ll leave feeling replenished and refreshed. Being in good shape helps, of course, but the immense diversity of flora and fuana, as well as the varied karstic forms will increase the immense aesthetic experience provided by this place.

Welcome to Slovak Paradise 'A Beauty'

Another major attraction of the area is Geravy, which is a beautiful outdoor area and includes a hotel which will allow you to take a few refreshing drinks of Kofola (the regional choice similar to Coke) or a fresh beer. After you’ve been refreshed, you can take off horseback riding in the area — and if you’d like, then head to Dobsinksa Ice Cave, which is a vast and beautiful cave — a centerpiece of Europe.

One-Day Trips from the Tatras

Since Slovak Paradise — also known as Slovensk raj — is located just east of the Low Tatras, in the northeastern part of Spis-Gemer Karst, the area is worth a visit just to see on its own. But you can also plan a one-day trip from the Tatras. There are a number of deep, wild gorges perfect for hiking. The gorges are about 150-450m deep, and have been carved by streams into the limestone and dolomite that have existed there for thousands of years.

A Challenging, Beautiful Hiking Range

With a number of high waterfalls, caves, and karst formations, the Slovak Paradise is an excellent place to hike; both challenging and beautiful. The forest cover is almost 90% full, but there are lookout posts stationed throughout the region. The northern area situates most of the gorges, with one of two available for visiting in one day. You can take a guided tour of the remnants of the Carthusian monastery and refresh yourself with a meal at the mountain restaurant. Be sure to also hike to Medvedia cave, though you won’t be able to tour this area since it is currently off limits to the public. Truly, the locals well make you feel welcome to Slovak Paradise upon your arrival.

Trail Safety and Markers

Hiking trails are typically marked by red, blue, and yellow colors, as well as green — all in stripes. This will let you know which are one way up only, and how to get back down using alternate routes that go in parallel with each gorge (but with easier terrain). Suchá Belá gorge is a popular hiking spot, as well as Hornád Canyon if you are looking for a slightly longer trail.

5 Great Reasons to Visiting Slovak Paradise

5 Great Reasons to Visiting Slovak ParadiseIf you are a hiker, visiting the Tatras mountains and Slovak Paradise is definitely something that should be on your to-do list. Slovakia is considered a hidden treasure by many hikers due to its immense gorges, breathtaking scenery, vast wildlife, and natural, rugged beauty. Here are 5 great reasons to visit Slovak Paradise for hiking and exploring.

1. A wealth of adventure

Compared to the Alps for example, the Tatras mountains and Slovak Paradise are not overcrowded except for a few weekends in late summer. The trails here are fairly well built, but not quite as well as the Alps, and thus you have to take precautions in how you step, and may even have to hold chains as you climb. You’ll be so focused on the path forward that you won’t be able to remember any of your other troubles.

2. Beauty in every scene

No matter which mountain you hike in Slovak Paradise, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful view everywhere you look. Many hikers love the top of the Štrbské pleso mountain area, saying the area is beautiful, with mountains in every direction. In winter, this area is especially beautiful; snow covers every peak and landscape, and fog is thick throughout the valley. The landscape is wild and untamed, and will leave you feeling as though you’re seeing a creation from one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels.

5 Great Reasons to Visiting Slovak Paradise

3. Vast, thick forests and green areas

Many hikers love Slovak Paradise’s green areas, with its dense forestry and green areas. The forests are alive and well, and hiking here almost feels as though you are taken to a different land. In summer and spring months, visiting this area provides a vast and breathtaking view of the countryside, and wildlife will be out and about — providing an even more “wild” sense of your hiking adventure.

4. Great cuisine to replenish your energy

A full day of hiking the mountains in Slovak Paradise will leave you ready to sit down and refuel with a good meal. Thanks to the affordable and delicious cuisine offered in this area, you’ll be able to get plenty of good food at local restaurants. Some local favorites include steamed buns, kapustinca, and numerous chicken dishes made with delicious sauces. Segedin goulash is a popular favorite, consisting of pork stew and sauerkraut, topped with cream and served with steamed dumplings.

5. Well-developed tourist infrastructure

Of course, one of the top 5 great reasons to visit Slovak Paradise is the well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are plenty of mountain huts all throughout the countryside, allowing you to rest during your hiking adventures. You can grab a cup of coffee or something to eat. Zbojnicka hut and a hut by the green glacier lake are two areas to stop during your visit.

Be sure to bring chains and leaders for your trip to make sure you’re well-equipped for the hike, and be sure to do some easier trails before heading out so you are in good shape and well-prepared for the valley. The terrain is beautiful, the people are friendly, the food is good – and the mountains offer a legacy of breathtaking, challenging hiking areas.

3 Reasons: Visiting to Local Golf Course While Travelling In Europe

Visiting to Local Golf Course While Travelling In EuropeAre you a fan of golfing and would like to head out for a break from your normal routine? You might want to visit the local golf course while heading to Europe for a beautiful, energetic, fun-filled vacation. Here are three reasons to visit the local golf course while travelling in Europe.

1. Hone Your Skills and Catch Up on Rest

A vacation is meant to help you restore your energy and vitality — and of course, it’s also meant to help you have fun. Heading to the local golf course will let you practice your golf skills in a low stress environment. There are a number of different golf vacation packages meant to meet every different price range. You can get more modest lodgings or luxury hotels and deals, no matter what price range you’re looking for. You can look for an exclusive golfing resort if you would like, but it is easier simply to head to the local golf course to hone your skills a bit while on vacation.

2. A Chance to See Beautiful Regions While Practicing Your Game

Not only will you be able to enjoy the game of golf while visiting Europe for a vacation, but you’ll also be able to enjoy beautiful scenic landscapes. Europe offers a number of enticing areas for travelers to play golf on. You can explore natural environments, rest and relax while gazing out at the vast landscape, and continue to practice your golf skills at the same time. You can check in a local golf magazine to see the best areas in the UK and Ireland, or perhaps head to the deeper regions of Europe such as the Slovak mountain range to explore golfing areas.

Visiting to Local Golf Course While Travelling In Europe

3. Excellent Course Design By World-class Golfers and Architects

Some of the most beautiful golf courses you can play on exist in Europe. This is definitely a major strong point for planning a golf vacation, as you can find ranges such as the Grey Bear golf resort, the Black and White golf resort, or the Black Store golf resort in the beautiful Tatras mountains. These golf courses have been created in such a way that you can enjoy a thrilling golf game while enjoying a breathtaking mountain range at the same time.

Many golf packages in this area include limousine service you can call at any time, professional chauffeurs who speak both English and German, a 4-night accommodation with breakfast and 3 rounds of golf on the range, balls for the range before each round, and a low rate that won’t break the bank. You can travel by yourself or with companions. You’ll be able to rent all the equipment you need and practice in a roofed teeing ground if you need to warm up a bit before heading out to the golf range. You should also read golf equipment review before you buy new clubs to make sure you have the best equipment so you can enjoy your stay as much as you can, check out the The Golf Spy for more info.

Bottom Line

A golf vacation in the vast mountain ranges of Europe can be refreshing, relaxing, and exciting. If you’re planning to head out for a trip soon, be sure to book a tour that includes visiting the local golf course while you’re on your travels.

Enjoy the Orion AstroView Telescope While Hiking In Slovak Paradise

Enjoy the Orion AstroView Telescope While Hiking in Slovak ParadiseIf you are a lover of the night sky who also happens to be a hiker, you know how important it is to bring a good telescope with you when journeying into your next mountain adventure. When hiking Slovak Paradise, one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, you’ll need a simple and light telescope that won’t weigh you down while traveling. The Orion AstroView telescope is one method of seeing a vibrant night sky full of stars while out in the mountains. Here is an explanation on how you can Enjoy the Orion AstroView telescope while hiking in Slovak Paradise.

Overview of the Orion AstroView Telescope

The Orion AstroView telescope is good for experienced users and is a great telescope for beginners but you can read about telescopes online to learn more about telescope ratings at TelescopeSky.com. It is great for those who want to move up from smaller, starter telescopes. With a basic 6 inch aperture, it’s big enough to show several different night sky objects, such as the messier series. Built on a German equatorial mount or GEM, this is a great telescope to learn how to use GEMs to see the night sky.

Powerful Additions to Witness the Night Sky Clearly

It has excellent optical quality and a collimation cap which can collimate mirrors for optimal viewing quality. It uses a basic F/5 scope with a focal length of 750 millimeters. This unit is excellent for lower power views, so you can see all the important constellations from up high on the Slovak mountain peaks.

The GEM itself is also premium in terms of quality, using worm gears and slow motion cables. A powerful and high intensity telescope that comes at an exceptionally low price, this scope includes a helpful equatorial mount to allow for slow motion celestial tracing. Using a special correct-image diagonal, you can also use it during the day. At a weight of just 12 pounds for the mount and tripod, plus 5 pounds for the optical tube, this telescope is very easy to transport and won’t add too much to your load as you travel the Slovak peaks.

The Value of a Telescope on Hiking Trips

Enjoy the Orion AstroView Telescope While Hiking in Slovak ParadiseHikers understand the value of bringing a telescope on the trip. You won’t get to see the same amazing views just staying in the city limits that you will once you make it out to the mountain range. There will be zero pollution, and since the mountains themselves are incredibly beautiful, it only adds to the scenic quality of night-time star viewing. If you’re backpacking and aiming to pack as light as possible, getting a telescope like the Orion AstroView is critical to ensure that you’re not weighed down too much as you continue your explorations during the day.

A Small and Powerful Tool to See the Slovak Paradise Night Sky

Thankfully, the Orion is one of the smallest telescopes that is also incredibly powerful. With the addition of the unique planetry identification software included with this scope, you’ll be able to see an incredible range of views and identify a number of different stars. You’ll see crisp closeup shots of various planets, and with the addition of 2 additional eyepieces and a 6×30 finder, you can experience en clearer views. Many hikers who have used this telescope say that for being as affordable as it is, this is one of the best telescopes for seeing objects in the night sky while hiking.