Use the Flex Belt for Toned Muscles and Better Fitness

Use the Flex Belt for Toned Muscles and Better FitnessAn excellent choice for getting into better shape for hiking outdoors is the Flex Belt, an abdominal device meant to strengthen your torso muscles. The Flex Belt is a great method for hikers to naturally improve strength and core conditioning, something critical to successful outdoor excursions. All you need to do to see results with this powerful device is to strap it on and wear it for 30 minutes a day. If you’re looking to head into the Slovak Paradise mountain range, be sure to use the Flex Belt for toned muscles and better fitness.

How the Flex Belt Works

The Flex Belt uses a powerful FDA approved technology known as EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation. This method causes your abdominal muscles to be stimulated by gentle electrical currents, so that they will react just as if you’d been doing a serious gym workout for your abs.

Made from soft gel pads and a sturdy belt that wraps around the midsection, the pads are placed against the abdomen and you can then select from a range of settings to stimulate your muscles. The Flex Belt naturally helps to tone, firm, and strengthen stomach muscles even if you aren’t doing any actual exercise. This device became a real hit with the public and among actors, who need to stay in premium shape. Being FDA-approved, the device is proven to work.

The Power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Use the Flex Belt for Toned Muscles and Better FitnessEMS has actually been licensed to work for both medical and consumer purposes, and the products designed by the company who created the Flex Belt have been used in more than 5500 clinics around the world.
In essence, the device works by reaching deep into muscle layers in the body that are not activated through any other form of stimulation. EMS is able to extend to nerves deep in the torso, making them relax and contract in a natural way, just as they would during exercise. The Flex Belt works your whole abdominal area, not just the range that is covered through its gel pads. 100 percent of participants who used the Flex belt over 6 weeks of clinical studies produced by the company found that their abs were more firm. Additionally, 92% could tell a difference in the firmness of their abs.

An Excellent Device to Strengthen a Hiker’s Abdominal Muscles

Some of the advantages of this device include the intensity adjustment feature, ranging from 1 to 150. This way you can continue ramping up the intensity as your ab muscles keep getting stronger. This is especially important for hikers, who need well developed core muscles to withstand long, arduous treks through the mountains.

The device is also comfortable and easy to use. The only sensations you’ll feel are mild pulses, depending on the setting you’ve chosen. To get it to work, all you need to do is slip the belt on, and leave it there for 30 minutes. You can get a fantastic ab workout doing other tasks at the same time. This makes the Flex Belt an excellent choice for individuals who want to get in shape for tough hikes in the Slovak Paradise mountain range.