Welcome to Slovak Paradise ‘A Beauty’

Welcome to Slovak Paradise 'A Beauty'Welcome to Slovak Paradise! A mountain range in east Slovakia, Slovak Paradise offers numerous outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and more. It is part of the Spis-Gemer Karst, which belongs to the Slovensk Rudohorie Mountains — a major part of the western Carpathians. Slovak Paradise is home to many lovely and beautiful forests, huge and vast meadows, chasm, gorges, and underground caves.

A Vast Paradise for Hikers

Of course, the area also includes a number of breathtaking waterfalls and is a very popular northeastern region for hikers and lovers of the outdoors. With over 300 km of trails through the vast paradise, you can walk, hike, and explore the mountain range however you would like. You’ll feel like you’re on a real adventure crossing the ravines over creepers and chains.

Major Features of Slovak Paradise

Some of the major features of this area include the Prielom Hornadu, the Klastorisko with the Ruins of the Carthusian Monastery, Sokolia Dolina, and Maly Sokol. You can take long or short walks to suit your purposes, and you’ll leave feeling replenished and refreshed. Being in good shape helps, of course, but the immense diversity of flora and fuana, as well as the varied karstic forms will increase the immense aesthetic experience provided by this place.

Welcome to Slovak Paradise 'A Beauty'

Another major attraction of the area is Geravy, which is a beautiful outdoor area and includes a hotel which will allow you to take a few refreshing drinks of Kofola (the regional choice similar to Coke) or a fresh beer. After you’ve been refreshed, you can take off horseback riding in the area — and if you’d like, then head to Dobsinksa Ice Cave, which is a vast and beautiful cave — a centerpiece of Europe.

One-Day Trips from the Tatras

Since Slovak Paradise — also known as Slovensk raj — is located just east of the Low Tatras, in the northeastern part of Spis-Gemer Karst, the area is worth a visit just to see on its own. But you can also plan a one-day trip from the Tatras. There are a number of deep, wild gorges perfect for hiking. The gorges are about 150-450m deep, and have been carved by streams into the limestone and dolomite that have existed there for thousands of years.

A Challenging, Beautiful Hiking Range

With a number of high waterfalls, caves, and karst formations, the Slovak Paradise is an excellent place to hike; both challenging and beautiful. The forest cover is almost 90% full, but there are lookout posts stationed throughout the region. The northern area situates most of the gorges, with one of two available for visiting in one day. You can take a guided tour of the remnants of the Carthusian monastery and refresh yourself with a meal at the mountain restaurant. Be sure to also hike to Medvedia cave, though you won’t be able to tour this area since it is currently off limits to the public. Truly, the locals well make you feel welcome to Slovak Paradise upon your arrival.

Trail Safety and Markers

Hiking trails are typically marked by red, blue, and yellow colors, as well as green — all in stripes. This will let you know which are one way up only, and how to get back down using alternate routes that go in parallel with each gorge (but with easier terrain). Suchá Belá gorge is a popular hiking spot, as well as Hornád Canyon if you are looking for a slightly longer trail.